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RSEZ AS  Rēzeknes dzirnavnieks  belongs to Scandagra Group, joint owned by the Swedish cooperative Lantmännen, and Danish cooperative DLG. RSEZ AS Rēzeknes dzirnavnieks is one of Eastern Latvia’s largest companies, with 4M euro net turnover in 2016.

Originally in 1949 a grain receiving point was organized and four storehouses were built. 4 mills were constructed with the processing capacity of 120 per day for the production of clean of flour in the station “Rezekne II”.

Fodder’s department with the production line of granule, albumen and vitamin’s additive was put into operation in 1965. Fodder’s processing capacity reached 200 t per day. In the result of frequentative reconstruction the processing capacity increased from 450 to 500 t per day. In one time were building of elevator and mills.

The elevator with the capacity of 36 000 t grains was put into operation. After a while a third elevator of silage corpus was built and grain capacity for the elevator reached 53 000 t. In the working tower three batted elevators were adjusted with a production capacity of 175t/h, ribbon-like conveyer’s producing capacity 100t/h.

Railway’s access roads and communications were finished in 1969.

Mills (grain purification department, milling department) with a production capacity of 245 t per day began working in 1972.

In 1976 there was arranged department of carbamide’s concentrate with a production capacity of 135 t per day.

The grain receiving points with a general capacity of 17 000 t were based in Vilani, Ludza and Rezekne.

In 1978 the enterprise was containing auxiliary departments (department of transportation, maintenance-mechanical department); independent subdivisions (storehouse of finished products, storehouse for keeping materials and supply parts, boiler house with heating system etc.) and laboratory.

A lot was done to provide the staff with good and safe working conditions, especially providing fire prevention measures.

From 1997 to present the produce of the enterprise is certified in the Latvian Certification Centre “Latsert”.

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